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Pictures from Rome started out as a humble collection of pictures, shot in Rome between 2017 and 2022, with no specific theme.

I wanted to honor the eternal city and @funzilla_fest 2023 with something new.
During the fair, a girl was checking the zine out, and at one particular picture she froze.
She was almost in tears when she bought the zine, and told me a person who appeared in one of the photos had sadly passed away.
Apparently he was a local guy in the Torpignattara neighborhood, his name was Mustafa, and everybody loved him.
My interaction with him only lasted a couple of minutes: we were crossing the street on a Magenta Skateboards tour in 2019,
and he stopped us to ask about our skateboards; he had great energy and was happy to meet us.

I have been reflecting on this since the fair, on how our pictures matter to us in a way, but can also matter to somebody else in very different ways.
No matter how much I try to be intentional with my work, it can take on a completely different relevance on its own, which is beyond my control.
This reminds me that all photographs matter, or will matter, to somebody, somewhere, at some point;
that I am happy and honored to be just a servant to this “job” of taking them; that my pictures can help to connect the dots in my life and hopefully in other people’s too.

11,5 x 15,4 cm
12 pages + wrap-around folded cover
80gr paper
Edition of 20